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Three weeks ago we introduced you all to Noelia Zavala and today we want to tell you more about her business.

Quick refresher on Noelia ;)

Noelia was born in Ecuador, South America. Three years ago she came to the Netherlands for the first time, to visit her brother. He was already living in the Netherlands with his girlfriend. At first Noelia thought that it was a normal holiday......But it truly, it wasn't....

When she saw the city Den Bosch for the first time , everything changed. She fell completely in love with the city and she had an enormous desire to live here. That was a bit odd because she considered herself as a big traveller. Noelia has been to many countries and cities around the world and never had this feeling before. (We get you Noelia, Den Bosch is a lovely city ;)

When Noelia went back to Ecuador after her trip, she kept on dreaming about going back to the Netherlands. She had been studying there for a few years so she asked herself the question: should I stay and finish or go back to Den Bosch and build a new life with great opportunities. She talked to her family, friends and professors and asked for their advice. Within a couple of months she came back to stay in the Netherlands, this time for good!

Ecuador is a small country in South America, but It has absolutely everything. Beaches, highlands, jungle and the Galapagos Islands.

Along the Andes region, in the Highlands, grows a particular Palm tree which produces a special type of nut. Inside this nut there are big seeds which are used to make jewelry. When the seeds fall the ground, they are harvested and dried in the sun for three months. Once they are hard enough they cut, shape and paint them into different natural colors.

This is how the Tagua jewelry is made. It has a lot of potential, outside Ecuador mainly because is a eco-friendly and sustainable product. But also attractive to the eye.

Noelia thought to bring this product to The Netherlands along with Alpaca clothing such as scarfs, blankets, ponchos and socks. The artisans elaborates piece by piece in the humble houses in the Highlands.

Alpaca Scarfs from Ecuador

Noelia particularly loves the handmade production and the high dedication to quality.

For this time of season the blankets are amazing! They combine well with diffrent styles of clothing and are so wonderfully warm and the colors of the scarfs are incredible.

At the moment Noelia is dedicating a part of her time to this business, whilst beeing an physiotherapy student and working in an e-commerce company.

She came up with the idea of bringing both products to the city just couple of months ago! Her mother, which is also her business partner, started the same bussiness in Italy and it is a great success. Her sister still lives in Ecuador she is in charge of the local production and transportation to Europe. Her sister meanwhile is selling the products from the Netherlands overthere! Such as cheese and jewelery. We think this is a brillant idea!

Where can we buy these products?

Customers can either buy the products online or in the physical shop. You can buy her beautiful jewelery in the "Swan conceptstore" (Hinthammerstraat 67) and Alpaca clothing in "Boel Bazaar" (Hinthamereinde 6).

Her webshop is under construction at the moment, but customers can follow her on her instagramaccount: @typical_gifts, Facebook account: Typical Gifts and if you want to be in thouch with her you can give her a call! 06-39323344

We were curious if Noelia had some advice for us! She said: "If you have the desire to start your own business, just go for it! Dont be afraid of failure, because if you dont try then you will never know."

Tagua Jewelery from Ecuador

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