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Noelia who?

Noelia Zavala, she is 29 years old, a student and entrepeneur and lives in Den Bosch. Her passion is running, kayaking, travelling and getting to know different cultures. Noelia owns two businesses: Typical Gifts and Bella Ciao Designs. At Typical Gifts she is selling beautiful products from Ecuador, like jewelery and alpacascarfs. And at Bella Ciao Designs she sells Italian jewelery.

Noelia was born in Euador. Her brother was living in the Netherlands (Den Bosch). So when she came here to visit him in our lovely city she immediately fell in love with it.

Since she was in high school, she always had her own side business. Before coming to The Netherlands, she was managing her own conceptstore in Ecuador.

Her mom, who lives in Italy, is the one in charge of shipping European products to Ecuador so they can be sold in their conceptstore. When she came to the Netherlands she saw the possibilities of this bussines idea but then as mirror opposite, instead of selling products from Europe to South America, she now sells products from Ecuador to Europe. Her sister is now in charge of the conceptstore back home.

Noelia is always on a mission to find something productive to do during the day. So... when she is on a plane or train because of a long trip, she likes to spend that time writing. She writes about her thoughts, things she is grateful for, about her life, how to overcome challenges and how to succeed.

She is an adventurer by heart. If she had not had so many obligations in her daily and professional life, she would be travelling around the globe.

She likes metropolitan cities but has an enormous passion for visiting remote, exotic and places kissed by nature. She loves to explore, and she is not really a planner, she considers herself extremely spontaneous.

Every trip left her with new lessons learned about things she loves and likes, insights about new cultures, teachings and practices.

Noelia loves wintersports!

"I love the snow, the mountains and snowboard. Recently I joined the team of avalancheboarders of TU/e."

How did your career go?

Noelia is a fulltime student Physiotherapy at Fontys. She worked for Tesla in 2018-2019 and is presently working part time for Korsit (Digital goods and e-commerce solutions).

Can you believe that she is an entrepeneur on the side!

What are your goals?

Noelia is hoping that she will be able to sell her products in different conceptstores around the region. In the future she would love to have her own stores too.

Where can we find you in Den Bosch?

Noelia loves to eat salmon in restaurant Tante Pietje, sweet potatoes in Roels and have diner in Rodeo.

You can find her at BOEL and Swan Concept Store, where she sells her beautiful gifts and products.

What advice would you like to give our SOSU readers?

Noelia says you need three things to start a business:

(1) know your product better than anyone

(2) know your customers

(3) have a burning desire to succeed

Her biggest lessons in life: "Trust in yourself. If you feel like doing something or going somewhere, just do it. Don’t overthink it, just go. Time flies and your time is now!"

Thank you so mucho Noelia :)

We wish you the best! And like to welcome you into our SOSU community.

Follow her on @Typical_gifts and @bellaciao_designs, she also sells her Typical Gifts at Collectiv. by Swan and BOEL! Her personal account is: nz27p

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