We met Helen a network meeting and we were very, very curious about her and what she does for a living. Very interesting and not regular at all! Helen is a Medium, Healer and Tutor. She also is an award holder of the Spiritualist National Union for demonstrating mediumship and public speaking.

Helen van Hooft is living in the Netherlands now, but she is coming from England, yes dear. She currently lives in Heeswijk-Dinther with her (flying) Dutchman and three of her four childeren.

Helen is a Medium, Healer, Spiritualist, Holistic Therapist. Her work is her passion as well as her belief system. She loves to see another's joy, expansion or revelation as they discover parts of themselves that has been overshadowed or dormant for one reason or another.

Helen works on a one to one or in a group-setting. Of course, with mediumship it is always about reconnecting loved ones, the joining of two worlds and being part of their reunion is always such an honour. She started off as an apprentice in a Bank and then worked in various lower management positions. She loved working with customers, but found herself to be a 'square peg in a round hole' in the corporate world of systems, targets and policies.  After a gnarly divorce there was a drive to do something different. Helen found herself exploring and qualifying in several Holistic Health modalities. In studying this field, it was clear it is a natural extension of her nature - compassionate, empathetic and the desire to empower others through change. During this time, and to this day she continues herself development within Spirituality and Spiritualism. She held the position of Lead Therapist in a Hospice for several years, which was an absolute honour to work with the dying and their carers. It was raw and authentic. Eventually, her side hustle of readings and therapies turned into her owning and managing a successful Mind, Body and Spirit centre. It became reputable for it's highly qualified and professional therapists, down to earth spirituality and high quality crystals and esoteric goods. Here, Helen finds herself starting from the ground up, in the market for clients and raising awareness of what she can do and how she can support you. Helen wants to create a place where people can come to explore their own nature, empower themselves and realise we are all perfectly imperfect! Helen started a Facebook group 'Spiritual Community Brabant' and just recently found a venue to work from. It is her intention to set up gatherings in a safe and welcoming space for all, providing regular demonstrations of mediumship, awareness classes and modern Spiritualist services, alongside individual healing, one to one sessions and readings. Her aspiration is to set up a stand alone centre where people can come to explore Holistic Health, their own spirit and that of the Spirit World.

Helen often reminds herself that everything is temporary. Change is the natural flow of life and in it's most chaotic moments that's when the biggest opportunities for growth can occur. That's her saying "from chaos comes change", because she learned it's the only thing you can predict!




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